Sunday, November 9, 2008

tiny Personal Finance Survey Result

A personal finance survey was conducted on for about a month.  People who participated range from 19 - 46 years old, with mostly under 30 years old.

They were asked where they put their money in right now and what worry them most in their future.

See below pie chart that most people keep money in bank which is quite common.  Follows by insurance, mutual fund and stock market.  This is quite consistent with general public risk profile.  So this is a good allocation.

(click the chart to view larger picture)

In the question of "what do you worry most" is actually prioritizing one's personal finance need.  Where priority 1 is the most important ( most worry ) and 5 is the least.

See below 3D chart for the result.  It shows that Most People want to Get Richer ( Wealth ) and the least concern is Live Too Long.

Most said : "I'll be happy if I live 'too' long ...  "

This result is consistent with human psychology where people are mostly thinking about 'Current Needs' and tends to under estimate 'Future Needs'.

(click the chart to view larger picture)