Monday, July 6, 2009

NextView seminar that may have 70% matches to MalPF ?

NextView has been quite aggresive conducting seminars and trainings. The reason they can attract my attention out of thousands other promotional materials is that NextView's flyer usually catch on some of the key points. The last I talked about them is when they said, "How to Pick the Right Value Stock" with a follow up post on "Why Experts are ALWAYS wrong!"

There are a lot of things on the flyer but below is what caught my attention:

First it implies there are 2 steps of analysis, primary and secondary.

The Primary analysis includes Drawing Lines, Japanese Candlesticks, Some signals are more reliable than others (they will show you 2 most reliable ones, they said), concepts on real time charts ie. x-axis or duration/time is important etc. ...

Then only followed by second stage where Technical Indicators are used including Moving Average and MACD.

This is actually Not that significant unless you also agree with most of what MalPF has been preaching. This FREE seminar seems like having 70% matches with MalPF's teaching on technical analysis topics. So it is my impression that the speakers may be trying to share what goes behind Technical Analysis and how to make them useful. Not like others which are just asking you to follow them.

Seeing that it MAY bring values in some of your investment journey, I thought I would just share it out here. Its one of those events that I wouldn't mind to go.

The seminar is on this Saturday 11 July 9am-4:30pm in Menara Hap Seng, Kuala Lumpur which I will not be able to make it. So if any of you did attend and do not mind spending some time to share your experience, do submit your write up here, that way, others can find out more about this NextView if they have just pull yet another marketing tricks or have some meats afterall.

Bear in mind this is a FREE seminar, so naturally do expect tons of marketing talks. As long as there are some real juices in this preview, then it should be considered as PASS. We cann't expect EVERY and ALL things from a one day FREE seminar, can we ?