Thursday, July 23, 2009

RM92 S Dali's talk on Career in Financial Markets

Dali is one of the few bloggers who talks deep in finance market, mainly on stock investment topics. His blog is branded as always have a beautiful girl at the very front, hence some haters called him "ham sap lou". I was once very tempted to follow his path but soon realize his methods are not really a repeatable success but merely good opionions.

I don't know him personally other than just his blog reader. My varies attempt to get in touch only ends with despairation. I guess I am indeed a much "lower level" person that he doesn't want to waste his time on.
Finance is a big complicated topic, Personal Finance on the other hand is really simple where the dumpest guy on the world can easily get 'everything' he wants. The 2 topics are hugely different.
Anyway, the reason I blog about Dali now is that he is organizing a talk. Suposingly an interesting one. He has many followers and fans including international fund managers. I personally pay close attention to all the stocks he has his eyes on. Although almost everytime my analysis diagree with his choices but it just mean that his choices are not suitable for passive stock investors. But then again, active investors who take more risk can earn so much more especially when done right, ie. like his followers ?

Anyway, to sum all up. I still think it is a good thing he is sharing his thoughts in public speaking. I am sure a lot of people already know this event. But just in case you don't know Dali yet, here is a chance. Especially if you are interested to invest in stocks more than just Personal Finance, ie. to make it an Active Income or a lot of incomes. I think this talk may be good for you.

I was planning to go but the RM92 put me off. My feeling is that he has planned this talk for the students. Looking through his topics, there is only one that I am interested in "things not taught in bussiness classes". All others may just end with a neither nor conclusion.

If you are going, please help me ask this question,

"The fact that you quit as a fund manager,
does that mean you couldn't cope with the work
or is the environment limiting you from exercising your investment strategies?"

If any of you did go, please do comment here.

Date: 22nd August 2009, Saturday
Time: 10am-1pm
Venue: Sime Darby Convention Center, Bukit Kiara, Sri Hartamas
Price: RM 92 pp
RM 80 pp when purchasing 4 or more tickets

Tickets sold by Ticketcharge: 03-2241-9999

Enquiry: 012-3239192

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Do you aim to be:
- a Fund Manager
- an Equity Analyst
- a Forex Trader
- a Private Equity player
- an Investment Banker
- a Corporate Finance executive
- an equity Dealer
- a Bond Trader
- a Hedge Fund analyst

The talk is by S Dali of Investing Scents weekly business column in The Star. He is an ex fund manager and head of research, for local and foreign investment houses, having worked in Sydney, HK, Tokyo, Singapore and KL.

Topics covered:
- the right degrees for the right careers
- ranked universities vs local universities vs second tier foreign universities
- specific subjects and majors
- is CFA the passport to success
- are you suited for the financial markets or do you just want to get rich quick
- getting through the front door, reworking your resume
- indirect passages to sound financial markets' careers
- what if your degree consisted of poor grades
- critical success factors to have for viable financial markets career
- remuneration scale for financial markets
- command of English, essential or unnecessary
- things financial markets employers look for
- is financial markets for you
- things they don't teach at business classes