Friday, September 16, 2011

reply to PM asking for more money

the news: Malaysia is destined to double its income in the next 9 years.  In order to achieve that, the "domestic" folks must fork out MYR 94 billions a year until year 2020.  But in 2011, we are behind schedule with only MYR 27 billions domestic direct investment so far. . . .  so the prime minister asked us to invest more locally.

Dear boss,

I would love to invest into my own land and I also want to double my income.  In order to achieve that, each of my investment . . . well, must turn into a 200% income generator.  Which of our projects is generating this kind of return ?

Bakun Dam ?
Putrajaya ? Cyberjaya ?
Greater KL MRT ?  *
SMART tunnel ?
Penang / Singapore Bridges ?
Iskandar Malaysia ?
Karambunai Sabah ? *
100 storey tower ?

Do let me know as I wasn't aware of such a great domestic investment opportunity before.

However, if you just need donation, then just say so lah.  I will still give one ...