Sunday, January 18, 2009

2009 01 19 KLSE:KNM worth RM 0.49

KLSE:KNM worths RM 0.49

Data Used:
1999 EPS 0.9 and 2004 EPS 1.7 for EPS growth rate
2008 EPS 20 for Future EPS estimation
PE 5.5

Earn compound 15% for the next 10 years
Buy at 50% discount

Current price is already lower than RM 0.49 so you can buy anytime if you plan to keep for 5-10 years to come.  The next few days drop or rise wouldn't make much different.

My roof and floor price for this stock is RM 0.49 on 19 Jan and 0.40, so I may buy either when it breaks RM 0.49 today or when it hit bottom at RM 0.40 for the next few days.

.... more write up about this soon ...