Saturday, January 17, 2009

Fundamentals are Noises ?

Very frequently investors who believe in Technical Analysis say that Fundamentals are useless and they treat them as noises !

Actually they are refering to Published News which they think are fundamentals but actually NOT.

Usually this group of people thought a good figure report should bring the price up but realized it did not and caused them to lose money.  Thats why they decided 'fundamentals' are noises.

Put aside speculation and rumors, it is a fact that sometimes Official Published Info does NOT affect the market price the way it should ... and this is why.

The fundamental of a business does not change Instantly.  Before the official report is published, the person who run the business already know the 'health' of his business.  Even people who work in that company would have an idea how the business is doing without any reports.  Suppliers, customers, contractors would also know something too although at different context and extend.  All these form an Expectation !  

Fundamental of price movement is Supply and Demand.  When the Published News exceed the Expectation, Demand will rise.  Like wise when the report did not meet the Expectation, demand falls.

So if you only look at and wait for a report to be published without first understanding what the expectations were, you really need to learn more fundamentals.  Else no matter how good your technical analysis is, it may harm you as much as you think it helps you.

The real Fundamentals are;
  1. What is the business doing and why can it be success for another 10 years ?
  2. Who is running the business that you have confident in ?
  3. How much is this business worth, its real value ?
  4. etc.
Fundamentals don't change just because of one announcement but can be observed through a series of events.

An example of fundamental analysis is When to Buy at What Price.